Picture it. You’ve invested time, effort and money into designing a comprehensive content strategy, only for it to lie fallow on the share drive, unused and forgotten. Who has time to follow a strategy? There’s all this work to be done and it needs doing fast. What happens? Chaos rules. Your content is so misaligned across channels, it’s like your company has a split personality. Your content producers are tired and burned out, reinventing the wheel every time they execute a campaign, or duplicating work another team is doing because there’s no overarching vision that everyone can follow.

The Agents of Content help you streamline your content production so that everyone is not only on the same page but also less fatigued. We’re experienced in running workshops and developing solutions that make all the cylinders fire in your well-oiled content machine.

Areas of expertise:

  • Agile content: we’ll help you with designing workflows that maximise the time you spend creating over the time you spend chasing approvals and sign offs.
  • Cryogenic content: content that can be stored, revived and used over and over, saving you time and money. We’ll help you break apart your content so that you know what can be stored away, what can be revived and reused, what can be repurposed and repackaged, and what elements can be recombined to form new content types.
  • Workshops to brainstorm, develop and implement tone of voice
  • Content governance:
    • Content lifecycles
    • Content management
    • Content policy
  • Consulting: we’re experienced in building content teams with specific expertise to match key tasks. We can make a deep dive into your business and provide recommendations on team structure, roles and responsibilities.
  • Change management: when implementing new ways of working with content, it’s important to build in a change management process. We offer training and workshops that:
    • Introduce new concepts and identify content champions
    • Build capabilities in content development
    • Demonstrate and embed storytelling techniques
    • Develop a common understanding and language for content (e.g. ‘what is content?’ ‘who gets to work on it?’ ‘what are content types?’)