They say the robots are coming, but don’t believe the hype. The next content specialist you hire won’t be an algorithm. In the new dawn of artificial intelligence, you’ll still need the human touch when crafting content. The Agents of Content help you embrace the future so that you don’t wind up in a content dystopia.

We’re passionate about the potential for storytelling to transform marketing and unite people and communities. We craft empathetic content that forges genuine connections, because everything we do is based on authentic insights into audience behaviour.

The Agents of Content are guided by a sense of adventure, experimentation, a passion for research, a restless innovative streak and a finely tuned big-picture awareness. We make it our mission to find hidden stories and new angles on any job that comes our way, no matter how obscure or well known.

Areas of expertise:

  • Developing a narrative-driven approach
  • Using the Hero’s Journey model to craft timeless and compelling user stories
  • Tone of voice:
    • Developing an authentic tone that influences, inspires and persuades
    • Using the power of narrative to achieve a conversational voice, forging emotional resonance and audience bonds
    • Using word banks and brand lexicons to develop a consistent tone, regardless of channel
  • Data-driven storytelling: diving into data sets to identify trends, visualise audience insights and bring to life new user stories